Office Home & Business 2021 For Mac (Bind Key)

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  • Bind a Microsoft account.
  • Activate on the Microsoft website:
  • You can bind the product key to a Microsoft account for unlimited re-installations even on a different PC as long as only 1 active installation exists.
  • Classic 2021 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • No CD and DVD Pack included, Office 2021 Home & Business Product Key For Mac Only.
  • Cannot be used to upgrade from an existing installation.

Note: Office 2021 product requires Mac OS.
Languages: All Languages 
Product key and installation instructions are emailed immediately after purchase.


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Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 For Mac (Bind Key)

Compared to Microsoft Office 2019, Microsoft Office 2021 boasts several new improvements and enhancements. Here’s a breakdown of the additions you can expect from the full Microsoft Office 2021 app suite:


  • Visual refresh designed with clean monoline iconography in mind
  • New stock media content
  • Microsoft Search bar in all apps for general search queries
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated Draw Tab with new Point Eraser, Ruler, and Lasso additions
  • Support for OpenDocument format 1.3
  • Sketched style outline option for shapes
  • Addition of a Hex color value box when picking colors

Microsoft Excel

  • XLOOKUP search for finding information in tables and ranges
  • Dynamic array functions, including FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY
  • LET function that assigns names to calculation results
  • XMATCH function that searches for a specified item and then provides the item’s relative position

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Record Slide Show now features options for presenter video recording, ink recording and laser pointer recording
  • You can replay ink strokes to illustrate things step by step or visualize a thought process
  • You can see slide elements in screen-reading order and rearrange them as necessary

Microsoft Outlook

  • Email translation for over 70 different languages will be supported
  • Annotate email images with your finger, pen, or mouse
  • Instant Search feature allows you to quickly find specific emails

Where to download Microsoft Office 2021:

Can you upgrade from Office 2019?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade from Office 2019 to Office 2021.


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