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Visual Studio 2019 Plus Professional / Enterprise Product Key

Visual Studio 2019 supplies you with productivity tools. Now you can build, design and deploy application programs for Windows, Android, and internet managed by cloud as well. You may find this software very helpful because it contains innovative technologies which are not available in other applications.

Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac has hit general availability — you can download it now from Visual Studio 2019 includes AI-assisted code completion with Visual Studio IntelliCode. Separately, real-time collaboration tool Visual Studio Live Share has also hit general availability, and is now included with Visual Studio 2019.

Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2017 in March 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac in May 2017, which turned out to be the “most popular Visual Studio release ever.” The company announced Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac in June, and started releasing Visual Studio 2019 previews in December.

Visual Studio 2019 improves on Visual Studio 2017 across the board. It includes a new start window experience to get developers into their code faster (making it simpler to clone a Git repo or to open an existing project or folder), improved template selection screen, increased coding space, a new search experience, more refactoring capabilities, a document health indicator, and smarter debugging. Plus, all of the above works with both your existing project and new projects — from cross-platform C++ applications, to .NET mobile apps for Android and iOS written using Xamarin, to cloud-native applications using Azure services.


New features

The new start window on launch is designed to work better with today’s Git repositories, including local repos, Git repos on GitHub, and Azure Repos. Git aside, you can still open a project or a solution or create a new one of either.


Visual Studio’s UI and UX have also received subtle changes, such as a new product icon, a cleaner blue theme, and a more compact title and menu bar. There’s also a new search experience that replaces the Quick Launch box. It lets you find settings and commands and install options, and it even supports fuzzy string searching.


Visual Studio 2019 improves the code maintainability and consistency experiences with new refactoring capabilities — such as changing for-loops to LINQ queries and converting tuples to named-structs. There’s also a new document health indicator and code clean-up functionality.


As for debugging, stepping performance is improved and search capabilities have been added to the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows. You can also expect improvements to the Snapshot Debugger to target Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS), and better performance when debugging large C++ projects, thanks to an out-of-process 64-bit debugger.


IntelliCode and Live Share

At its Build 2018 developers conference in May, Microsoft previewed IntelliCode and Live Share. The former uses AI to offer intelligent suggestions that improve code quality and productivity, and the latter lets developers collaborate in real time with team members who can edit and debug directly from Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.


Visual Studio IntelliCode now has custom models and expanded language support. Custom models further improve the AI-enhanced IntelliSense, giving developers personalized recommendations based on the patterns and libraries used in their code, on top of the analysis made on thousands of open source repos. Visual Studio developers now get IntelliCode for XAML and C++ code, in addition to C#. Visual Studio Code developers can use IntelliCode when developing JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Java.


Visual Studio Live Share, which is now installed by default in Visual Studio 2019, helps developers collaborate in real time, including desktop app sharing, source control diffs, and code commenting. Being able to share, edit, and debug code is great, but being able to do so without needing to clone repos or set up environments is even better. Based on feedback, Microsoft also added features like read-only mode, support for additional languages like C++ and Python, and enabled guests to start debugging sessions. Live Share can be used in a variety of use cases, including pair programming, code reviews, giving lectures, presenting to students and colleagues, or even mob programming during hackathons.

Learning Visual Studio 2019

For a full run-down of all the additions and improvements, check out what’s newthe docs, and release notes (WindowsMac). Furthermore, Pluralsight has a free Visual Studio 2019 course available until April 22, while LinkedIn Learning has a free course available until May 2.

Microsoft is also hosting a virtual Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event and over 70 local launch events around the world today where it will demo the new version and detail its features. The company has also planned over 200 more events between now and the end of June. If all else fails, there’s always the Visual Studio Developer Community.

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    Excellent Product, Downloaded and Successfully Installed Without Activation Yet.

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    Richard Scott

    Serial number worked as advertised and unlocked Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

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    Harold Mierop

    Works like a charm. They called me, sent me the instructions, it has worked like a charm and of course I love the price!

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    Jeff Whitman

    What a delight! Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 on a data stick for a very affordable price. All you have to do is make sure you have 40 – 65 GB of memory you can afford to spare for it on your hard drive and click ‘Install’ when it starts up. Wait 2.25 hours till its download is fully snuggled into your system and enjoy! Well, it is the ENTERPRISE version with a host of features and new capabilities that you won’t have the instructions to fully appreciate until the Wrox manual is published in November, but I think we can all wait for that and noodle around in the project directory doing massive experiments until the real skinny on this application tool arrives.

    I’m still finding the NuGet installation ability, the multi-platform design tools, and the advanced debug highlighting and intellisense upgrade from my VS 2019 pro to be simply wonderful. Add the GIT code storage to the long term Team Foundation Server and the increased computing performance and I am very well satisfied. These better features are just the tip of the VS Iceberg and I can’t wait to do my current program’s expansion into WCF.

    Expand your development and design abilities with this splendid application building tool!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robin T. Wernick

    What I really like is the Great/Fast support by seller, Highly respect that, Good job

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    Muhammad Mohsin Naeem

    Quick response with my purchased unlock code and had no problems at all. Thanks.

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    There is no doubt, Visual studio is the best software for programmers.?

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    Great value
    Visual Studio 2019 can be activated by entering KEY. Very simple

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    This software works great for that
    Visual Studio 2019 is the official channel to download, is genuine

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    This software is great,
    This software is great, get the official Visual Studio software at a cheap price.

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    Works for me
    I downloaded this in a pinch after starting my new job. It works flawlessly with the Visual Studio 2019 and has a bunch of new features. Works great for me.

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    Good deal.
    Great price for this product, could not pass it up.

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    Great product
    After delivery delays and re-shipment this product installed and registered without problems.

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    Great Support
    What I really like is the Great/Fast support by seller, Highly respect that, Good job

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    Five Stars
    Great support! They called in advance to make sure that I know how to install it properly.